UNIC Marine Cranes

UNIC marine cranes are highly regarded for their smooth, efficient operation in all marine based applications.

UNIC’s tough, lightweight hexagonal boom, minimizes side swaying and shaking to ensure safer and ease of operation.

Stainless steel control levers tenaciously resist rust and all weather elements, all exposed parts and the main body of the crane are designed to keep the seawater out to prevent future rusting.

The booms, base and column are all zinc dipped inside and out to ensure protection for salt spray and water ingress for many years to come.

Unic Marine Crane


  • Complete crane hot-dip galvanized
  • Stainless-steel hose joints, couplings, grease nipples and control levers
  • Double-layered hard chromium coating applied to all raising cylinder rods
  • Hexavalent chromium – Free (eco-friendly product)
  • Innovative design provides excellent corrosion protection
  • Wide operating range 1-81 Degrees in elevation

Specification Overview

Unic Marine Cranes

Option for either manual control or radio remote control

MODEL Max. Lifting Capacity (Kg) Maximum Radius (m) Technical Sheet
Technical Sheet - UBV343J 3,030 2.6 Technical Sheet - UBV343J
Technical Sheet - UBV344J 3,030 2.5 Technical Sheet - UBV344J
Technical Sheet - UBV345J 3,030 2.3 Technical Sheet - UBV345J
Technical Sheet - UBV503J 3,030 2.6 Technical Sheet - UBV503J
Technical Sheet - UBV504J 3,030 4.1 Technical Sheet - UBV504J
Technical Sheet - UBV505J 3,030 3.9 Technical Sheet - UBV505J
Technical Sheet - UBV1204 3,050 6.5 Technical-Sheet - UBV1204

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