Maxilift Cobra Cranes

Cobra Cranes are innovative and unique service truck cranes.

These cranes are efficient, high performers and are ideal for installation on vehicles to be used as mobile workshops, for pump & sump work, or any application where a running rope (winch) may be required.

Built to last, these service cranes are perfect for mining applications, oil fields, waste water treatment and many more. The models offer lifting capacities ranging from 1.6 TM to 9.1 TM. This crane’s dead weight is lower than any other on the market and can be fitted with either a radio or cable remote controls.

Cobra Crane

Specification Overview

Model Max. Lifting capacity (kg) Maximum Radius (m) Technical sheet
3800 1720 4.74 3800 Tech Sheet
4400E 1000 4.8 4400E Tech Sheet
4400H 1000 4.88 4400H Tech Sheet
4400L 1000 6.03 4400L Tech Sheet
5500H 1150 5.66 5500H Tech Sheet
6800 860 6.4 6800 Tech Sheet
8000 1700 6.75 8800 Tech Sheet
11000 2500 6.83 11000 Tech Sheet
11000L 2500 8.5 11000L Tech Sheet
14000 3175 8.53 14000 Tech Sheet
12000X 2450 6.76 12000 Tech Sheet
12000XL 2450 8.5 12000XLTech Sheet

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