Stellar Tyre Manipulators

Stellar Tyre Manipulators are the solution for the Tyre Industry!

Imported from Stellar Industries Inc, located in Garner, Iowa, USA, Stellar have been designing and manufacturing commercial tyre service trucks since 1990.

Since then their reputation has spread worldwide as and industry tyre manipulator leader in many countries.

The Stellar range of AG/OTR (off the road) tyre manipulators are an extra heavy duty hydraulic knuckle boom design. All the Stellar tyre manipulators are operated by a standard fully proportional radio remote control. The hexagon shaped secondary extension boom greatly increases boom strength over competitive square-shaped booms, ensuring solid performance for many years.

Maxilift-Stellar Tyre Manipulators

Specification Overview

  • Rotation is accomplished through a turn-table bearing
  • Fully proportional radio remote control
  • Fully enclosed extension boom cylinder
  • Hexagon-shaped secondary and extension
  • Integral-mounted pump and PTO on chassis
  • Load-holding counterbalance valves

range of Stellar Tyre Manipulators:


Stellar 9000 & TM4110

The Stellar 9000 has the ability to service fleets with versatility while providing a safe method to handle a variety of AG/OTR tyres up to 2.790mm diameter, with a load of 2.080kg at 4.87 metres.

The Stellar 9000 is capable of handling tyres up to: 2700-49 narrow base rim and tyre or 37.5-39 in a wide base tyre.


Stellar 13500 & NEW TM6116

The stabilisers on the 13500 are a fold down style with a wide stance to give incomparable stability, with a lifting capacity of 2.720kg at 5.3 metres. 

The Stellar 13500 is capable of handling tyres up to: 30.00-51 narrow base rim and tyre or 37.5-39 in a wide base tyre.


Stellar 17000 & TM7120

The 17000 OTR can handle tyres up to 3180mm diameter and a load capacity of 3,265kg at 6.10m.

The Stellar 17000 is capable of handling tyres up to: 30.00-51 narrow base rim and 37.5-51 in wide base


Stellar 23000 & TM12154

The Stellar 23000 can handle tyres up to 3900mm diameter, with a load capacity of 5,443kg at 5.18 metres.

The Stellar 23000 is capable of handling tyres up to: 40.00-57 narrow base rim and tyre or 50/80-57 in a wide base tyre.


Stellar 28000 & TM6116

The Stellar 28000 can handle tyres up to 4010mm diameter, with a load capacity of 7484kg at 4.57 metres and Capacity of 5443kg @ 6.1m.

The Stellar 28000 is capable of handling tyres up to: 50/90 R57 narrow base rim and tyre or 70/70-57 in a wide base tyre and Some 59/80R63

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