UNIC Mini Crawlers Cranes

Delivering the ultimate combination of powerful lifting in a compact size, UNIC deliver a wide range of Mini Crawler cranes with powerful lifting capability starting from 2.93 Tonnes to 10 Tonnes and as much as 22.90mt of hook height.

Also known worldwide as a Spider Crane the UNIC Mini Crawlers are highly regarded in the crane industry as they are designed to be the most compact and manoeuverable piece of lifting equipment available worldwide.

UNIC Mini Crawler range

UNIC have a large range of Mini Crawler cranes starting from the smallest UR-W295 at only 600mm wide (narrow enough to track through a standard doorway). This compact mini crawler has multi-angle outrigger configurations so that the crane can be set up in the best position giving the operator maximum stability and flexibility when working in those tighter work areas.

The UNIC 1006C is and the world’s largest Mini Crawler crane with a lifting capacity of up to 10 tonnes and is unrivalled in the global market for strength and size.

Unic mini crawler crane

New ECO model

Introducing the latest in Mini Crawler crane engineering, the UNIC battery powered Eco-295 model provides fume-free lifting for indoor and sensitive environments.

Ideal for food processing plants, listed buildings, shopping centres, airports and clean environments, this unique Mini Crawler is powered by a rechargeable 48v battery yet retain all the lifting power of our standard models. Innovative features include low-marking wheels which enable the cranes to work on light-coloured or polished surfaces.

Safety Features & Options

Safety is paramount in the workplace which is why Unic Mini Crawlers have standard safety features including, 360 continuous slew, Radio Remote Control, load meter, three-coloured lamp and an automatic stop device for overloading
– all to ensure maximum safety for the operator.

With a wide range of accessories including, searcher hook, fly jib, single line hook, you can get even more reach and lifting capacity out of your crane. The UNIC Mini Crawler also comes standard as Diesel fuelled and available option of Diesel/Electric for working indoors allocations.


  • Shopping Mall
  • Warehouse
  • Factory & Airport Operation
  • Exhibition & Show Ground
  • Roof-Top & Building Work
  • Underground & Tunnel Operation
  • Steel Erection & Fabrication
  • Construction
  • Concreate Panel
  • Cemetery Headstone & Monument Lifting
  • Landscaping
  • Military
  • Mining
  • Power Plant Maintenance
  • Rail Projects
  • Waste Treatment Water
  • Tunnel Operation
  • Glass & Facade Installation
  • Stair & Escalator Installation & Removal
  • Signage & Working at Heights

Specification Overview

MODEL Max. Lifting Capacity (Kg) Maximum Radius (m) Technical sheet
URW295C4AR 2.93 8.41 URW295C4AR Technical Sheet
URW295C4AMR 2.93 8.41 URW295C4AMR Technical Sheet
URW295WB2ER 2.93 8.41 URW295WB2ER Technical Sheet
URW295WB3AR 2.93 8.41 URW295WB3AR Technical Sheet
URW376C4ER 2.93 14.45 URW376C4ER Technical Sheet
URW376C4EMR 2.93 14.9 URW376C4EMR Technical Sheet
URW546C4ER 4.05 15.52 URW546C4ER Technical Sheet
URW546C4EMR 4.05 15.52 URW546C4EMR Technical Sheet
URW706C4ER 6.05 18.6 URW706C4ER Technical Sheet
URW706C4EMR 6.05 18.6 URW706C4EMR Technical Sheet
MODEL Max. Lifting Capacity (Kg) Maximum Radius (m) Technical sheet
CC1150 4.05 15.52 CC1150 Technical Sheet
CC1151 4.05 15.52 CC1151 Technical Sheet
CC1160 2.93 14.45 CC1160 Technical Sheet
CC1161 2.93 14.9 CC1161 Technical Sheet
CC1162 2.93 8.41 CC1162 Technical Sheet
CC1163 2.93 8.41 CC1163 Technical Sheet
CC1211 2.93 8.41 CC1211 Technical Sheet
CC1225 6.05 18.6 CC1226 Technical Sheet
CC1226 6.05 18.6 CC1163 Technical Sheet
CC1261 2.93 8.41 CC1261 Technical Sheet

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