Cargo Van V2 Series – Tommy Gate

The new internal van lift!

The V2 Series is the newest in the Tommy Gate line of internal van lifters, and comes standard with:
• Platform Auto Open & Close
• Dual-Function Control
• Retention Ramp
• Flat-Loading Taper
• Aluminium Treadplate Bridge Mounts
• Low-Profile Pump & Motor Box

The latest in liftgate technology, the V2 Series by Tommy Gate provides the maximum platform loading area while occupying the smallest possible space when stored in the rear of the van.

The V2 combines sleek modern engineering with hands-free platform open and close, built-in cart retention ramp, and 500kg of lifting capacity.

For more information give us a call on (08) 8326 6300 or call your local Tommy Gate Specialist – click here for contact details.

Cargo Van V2 Series