Maxilift Stock Update

Ongoing worldwide logistic issues have put a large strain on stock availability in the industry, however our Maxilift Australia Lonsdale distribution warehouse is sure to have a crane or in-stock suitable for a variety of lifting requirements.

With over 100 Effer Knuckleboom cranes, 200 Maxilift cranes, 70 UNIC Telescopic boom cranes and 120 Tommy Gate tailgate lifters and with a mixture from our overseas manufacturers on the way, here at Maxilift we are equipped to help you with any project you may have in the pipeline.

Our spare parts department is also well equipped to keep your crane or liftgate operational with minimal downtime, with over 3,500 UNIC spare parts, 3,900 Effer spare parts, 7,500 Maxilift spare parts, 730 Tommy gate spare parts and 550 Stellar spare parts currently in-stock at our main Lonsdale distribution warehouse.

For more information give us a call on (08) 8326 6300 or call your local Maxilift sales representative – click here for contact details.