UNIC visit Maxilift Australia

Maxilift Australia recently hosted Unic sales representative Alina at our northern service and installation centre. This visit was an opportunity for Alina to see the first ever installation of a URW547WT with tilting stabilisers and JoyRemote, made exclusively for the Australian market.

The JoyRemote provides ground-breaking precision and control with the simple and precise use of multiple functions. Thanks to Unic’s continuous product development, and world class engineering, we are excited to introduce the Australian VLC market to this world class technology.

With new emission control regulations, an increase of accessories and components, space on a truck chassis is becoming increasingly difficult to find. Due to this, the traditional stiff boom crane can be restricted in vehicle selection based on the standard fixed stabiliser options. Again, showcasing their intuitive engineering and product development, Unic have provided an exceptionally elegant gas-strut assisted, tilting stabiliser option which allows the operator to simply stow the stabilisers up and out of the way of any truck components. This is one of the many examples why Unic is the most versatile crane on the market.

Alina’s visit to Australia has strengthened our long partnership with the Furukawa Unic Corporation, and further confirms our commitment to continue to dominate the stiff boom market in Australia.